TECHNOCON Ltd specializes in the design and manufacture of complex parts and assemblies, clamping devices for manual and robotic welding, arms for industrial robots for handling the parts and semi constructed products, custom made machines, welding and manipulative workplaces. All of those is done especially in the field of automotive, agriculture, robotics, general engineering and automation. In 2017 it employed 60 workers and had a turnover of 85 million CZK.


TECHNOCON Ltd. company was established on 31st December, 2008 by Mr. Pavel Vankat, who successfully led the engineering department of the company B:TECH, plc that was concerned with custom metalworking and installation of kits for machine manufacturers. It employed 21 workers and reached turnovers of 25 million CZK. In autumn 2008 B:TECH, plc decided to focus on its core field, i.e. electrical engineering and on 1st January, 2009 it sold its engineering department to the company TECHNOCON Ltd. However, the history of engineering production goes back as far as the pre-war period.


TECHNOCON Ltd ranks among the young and productive companies in the Vysocina region whose aim is to continue in custom metalworking and installation of kits. We implement contracts both in the Czech Republic and abroad, mainly in the European Union. We are planning to expand our services in the in the area of kits, robotic arms, welding and spot welding jigs, and complex tailor-made workplaces.


                         ISO 9001:2008                                                      EKO-KOM